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What You Will Learn and How You Can Start. 

With SNSI Training, Comfort and Fun are Guaranteed.

The Sixth Continent is waiting for you!

The SNSI Open Water Diver Course will teach you how to use your diving equipment and to dive with your dive buddy to a maximum depth of 60 feet / 18 meters, completely autonomously.

The course consists of 5 academic sessions, 5 pool (or confined water) sessions and 6 scuba dives in open waters. Through these sessions, you will learn everything you need to know in order to become an SNSI Open Water Diver.

SNSI is a unique training agency which offers you the opportunity to add two additional trainings to your diving certification: Dry Suit and Nitrox. With the Dry Suit option, you will use a Dry Suit during all your in-water sessions, both in the swimming pool and open waters, affording you sufficient practice to comfortably use it. With the Nitrox option, you will use nitrox in at least two open water scuba dives, thus experiencing first hand its utility and benefits.


Start Scuba Diving Open Water